By using Ionic, is it possible to update the app on the markets without review?

Some time ago I read somewhere that by using Ionic is possible, as developer, to update your app on the markets without going through the App review process.

Is this correct?

If so…

  • what are the requirements?
  • do you have any good link where this is properly documented?

As far as I know apps require some review process before being updated on the markets, specially iOS apps, where the process is very annoying as I have been told by some iOS developers.

Thank you in advance for your clarification!

One thing you can do are In-App Updates. I’m using for this. With this functionality you can update files as an in app update. But remember: You can’t update native things like versions, new plugins, remove plugins, app icon, splash screen etc. But you can update HTML, CSS, TS, Assets, etc.