How to install 4.0.0-beta.19

I need to check a bugfix to hopefully close the issue I opened. However, when I try to install the latest ionic it installs 4.0.0-beta.17 instead of 4.0.0-beta.19.

Could you please point me to the right direction to install the latest release?



You mean Ionic Angular right? you could do something like

npm remove @ionic/angular --save
npm install @ionic/angular --save

Many thanks for your reply Reed.

I reinstalled as you suggested but when I create a test project the package.json has “@ionic/angular”: “4.0.0-beta.17”, however.

I had also tried npm install -g ionic@latest before

About the test project it’s probably because they didn’t have yet updated the base (starter kit) for the test project, it happens. No worries about it. So just do as I displayed above, you should be good

ionic start yourproject --type=angular
cd yourproject
npm remove @ionic/angular --save
npm install @ionic/angular --save

Something like that till they have updated the starter kit

Installing using -g ionic install Ionic, the CLI, globally for your machine. Not the library you use to code your app but the tools, the tooling. Like the tool which are use to create a test app or a new page etc.

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Another option is to bump the version in package.json manually and just run npm i.

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Many thanks Reed & Rapropos