Ionic, npm and beta 4



I’ve used npm to install ionic. Not sure of the best way to update, so ran sudo npm -g install ionic again.

When I check version I get:

Ionic CLI version 1.0.10

Is this beta 1?

If so how do I update to the latest beta.

Also, how do I update an existing project to the current version.




The Ionic CLI is not really tied to the Ionic Framework. The CLI just takes the existing templates or starter apps and creates them in your directory. The CLI will use whatever is the highest current release of Ionic. So, if you ran the ionic start today, the app would have Ionic Framework Beta 4.

Updating an existing project to the current is really up to you. I personally just download the current release files and replace the old ones. Others use Bower.

You can get the zips here :

You can update the Ionic CLI with this command : npm update -g ionic


Thanks, that makes it a bit clearer