Scrollbar not visible on Android


I’m having some trouble to show the scrollbar in Android devices, it’s working in all the others platforms (iOS and Windows)

To be more precise, the scroll is available. I can go down and up but I cannot see the scrollbar and only on an android device. I tried on a 4.4.4 and a 6.0.1 OS version.

I made an example :

This will work on your desktop browser and even in your smartphone through your browser.

To reproduce the issue you have to put the code in a ionic project. Follow these steps :

  • Create a blank project => ionic start NoScrollBarAndroid blank
  • Add android platform => ionic platform add android
  • Replace the body of your index.html file with the codeopen one
  • Add the controller from the codeopen project to the app.js
  • Copy the content of the CSS part to the style.css
  • just run the application on your android (phone or simulator) => ionic run android

Do you have any workaround to correct this ?


Any solution for this ?
Is anyone in the same state as I am ?

You should probably read this:

It explains everything.

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Thank you for the answer.

I solved this by using scroll-overflow=“false” in the ion-content div I need to.

But to solved the issue with the iFrame (I had one to insert some html pages in my app - legal notice-), I use the ng-bind-html and the scroll-overflow=“false” in the ion-content. So I deleted the iFrame.

Thanks again for your help.