How to make scrollbar visible when using native scrolling in Android?

Scroll bar is not visible when native scrolling is used in Android.
How to add the scrollbar?

Thank you.

use overflow-scroll=“false” in ion-content…

overflow-scroll=“false” will disable native scroll for the specified ion-content.
But I want native scrolling + scroll bar

Somehow scroll bar is shown if I used crosswalk webview.
Changing webkit scrollbar css values changes the scroll bar styles.

It does not work if I remove crosswalk. (Android 6.0.1 Device)
Any one knows how to show webkit scrollbar?

This is very strange.
I put the ionic serve url to android default browser and chrome browser, scrollbar is visible as expected.
And those scrollbars are not JS scrollbars. They are browser(native) scrollbars. I can change styles using webkit scrollbar css.

ion-content::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {
background-color: darkgrey;
outline: 1px solid red;

Only place it does not work is in my app.
It works in crosswalk, default browser and chrome browser

Any thoughts?

My issue is similar to this.

I used plugin and also removed position:absolute from ion-content.Then I was able to see the scrollbar. But that is for the whole web view. I can not get it work for divs (ion-content)

Any idea?

Hi, I too am having the same problem.Were you able to solve this issue?

Nope. I did not use the scrollbars and that was not too bad.