How to minimize iOS new build update size?

Hello - I have an ionic app that’s out on the App Store and the total .ipa file size is around 80 MB. I had a few typos/errors in some html pages, so I fixed them and uploaded a new build and got it approved.

Once it got approved I went to download the update from the App Store and saw that it was 80 MB, which I assume means that I’m downloading the entire app again with the few small changes.

Is there any way to minimize this update size so that only the changed files are submitted?


Did you really download 80MB or did it only show 80MB to you?

To be honest I’m not sure. It showed in the App Store update tab as update 80 MB so I asummed this that this was he update size.

Is that an incorrect assumption?

I think so, but also am not sure.
I also think to remember that this will change with iOS 11 - but am even less sure about that.

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Thanks - I’ll do a little googling and also check again when I push another update after iOS 11 is released or check on my iPad running the beta!