How to integrate hockey app with hybrid mobile app

I am trying to integrate hockey app with my application to get crash data. I am unable to find any sort of documentation/tutorials that would help me out with Hybrid apps.

Can any one point me in the right direction?

Is Hockey App best option for crash reports or Is there some thing better and easier to implement for hybrid apps?



Iā€™m facing the same issue.

I want to use hockey app with a hybrid app based on ionic.

If you have any documentation thanks for sharing it :slight_smile:

Anything new here? I am trying to leverage HockeyApp for crash reporting for my ionic app. Is there any good documentation or tutorials out there anyone can point me toward? I do not have terribly complex needs - just basic usage and crash reporting would be my goal. Thanks.

Any new feedback or references for using HockeyApp with Ionic?

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There are some hints here, but I am unsure how to use them:

Maybe anybody else knows?

As a follow-up - we ended out using HockeyApp for our pre release distribution and event tracking. The product has worked well and was easily implemented- integrating into our gulp-based build process. At the time, Ionic was still developing its own alternative for pre-release. At this point, I would look first to the Ionic offering and then consider HockeyApp as a second alternative for these features.

Huh did I miss anything? Where can this be found?

I meant Ionic View, @Sujan12 . I realize it has limitations but it provides some good utility for sharing pre-release with clients and testers.