Crash reporting in Ionic 2 without Crashlytics etc.?

Hi everyone,

I got a question regarding crash reporting in Ionic. One of our clients would like to receive crash reports (both JS and Cordova Crashes). They can’t use Crashlytics or comparable services due to very strict data protection policies. So any cloud service we would normally use is not a solution in this case.

Does anyone know a cordova plugin which offers a way to access crashlogs and send those on next startup of the app or during crash? JS errors can be fetched via window.onerror, but that offers no way to get the lower level cordova crashes, right?

Any help would be really appreciated


The problem with Ionic apps of course is that there are two sources for crashes: native and JS. The normal, common crash reporting stuff is probably targeted at the native part, for JS error logging there are other services and libraries out there. So you will probably have to combine two things together.

I know the Crash Reporter HockeyApp (used to - some time ago) uses is Open Source, so you “only” have to collect the data somehow on your “private” server.

For the JS part I think Sentry is Open Source and can be hosted yourself and could take care of part of your problem.