Integrate hockey app framework for crash report in Ionic

I’m trying to integrate hockey framework in our Ionic-2 app for crash report data. I’m unable to find any type of docs/example which I can refer to.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

While running command “npm install ionic-hockeyapp --save” I’m getting the below error:

What is this

that throws the error?

Yes, it’s throwing an error

I’m following the steps from below url:

And how should I know that after I just posted a link to cordova-plugin-hockeyapp? Sometimes I am really stumped if you think I have a crystal ball…

Still: Great that this exists. Seems a bit like Ionic Native but for this Cordova Plugin for HockeyApp.

Seems there is a bug as it assumes that you have “typings” installed. Great you already opened an issue:

I would try running npm install typings --global and then rerunning the installation of ionic-hockeyapp.

I’m really sorry to bother you every now and then. I try my best to get to the solution myself or get help from somewhere else before posting here. I’m really thankful to you for your immense help.

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