How to get Access_Token after authenticating with ionic cloud


I am using ionic cloud for Authentication, I am able to authenticate with LinkedIn and Google, now I need to call some api, which they need access token, but value of access token is undefined,

I have seen somebody else is also asked same question on Oct and 3 others also had same problem but no solution.


Having the same problem with


I’ve sent an email to ionic support, it seems they don’t support access_token for inappbrowser, this is from their email

“using Ionic Auth there is no way to get access to the Linkedin auth access token at this time. You’re limited to the data we fetch from those providers and return to you.”


Ah okay. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


I need to get access token for 7 different social media

Ionic has native plugins for facebook and google+

How can I get the remain?