Ionic 2 - Cloud Auth - Get Access Token - Google+ API - Firebase 3



I followed the tutorial on the Ionic Cloud website and I was able to authenticate successfully using the Google (Native plugin). However the information returned from the GoogleAuth in the IonicCloud library is:

In order for me to authenticate with firebase 3 using signInWithCredential, I need an access token. I can’t use the “token” for that.

Any idea how to exchange the token received from the IonicCloud - Auth for an access token? Or simply how to get an access token that I can use with Firebase 3?

Just a note: Plugins that use in-app-browser are going to be deprecated in April and won’t be a good solution.

Thank you lots !


Have you solved this problem? I’m not there yet, but I am anticipating a similar problem with a custom back-end server that my teammate is developing.



Hi any solution yet?

I tried the “token” but that throws “auth/internal” error in firebase.

Also, I tried getting access_token from User object using : “”, but access_token property is undefined.

Anyone have any idea how to get access_token?



I have same issue, accessToken is undefined, any body has any solution?