Ionic cloud instagram login's access_token?

I am using Ionic Cloud to login with Instagram,

this.auth.login('instagram').then(result: {signup: boolean, token: string} => { });

But when I call the API with access_token parameter being the token I received from the login (or this.auth.getToken()) I get a 400 error.


Error thrown:

    "meta": {
        "error_type": "OAuthAccessTokenException",
        "code": 400,
        "error_message": "The access_token provided is invalid."

How can i get real instagram access_token value with ionic service?

any solution or suggestion?

i am struggling the same problem is there any solution to authentificate with instagram using ionic3??

You are all talking about Ionic Auth, right?

Note the deprecation notice here: Ionic Auth will go away. Maybe you don’t want to invest any more time here.