How to generate html and js code in separate file

Hello, i’m working has the main dev in one Ionic 2 project, and i would like to generate html/css/js code in separates files (not have only one .js file with all in)

Maybe your will ask why? The problem is that the main “designer” doesn’t know how to work with nodeJs/npm, etc. And because he want to add some special html/js/css to the projet, he would like to have some html/css/js file to work with and at the end i will include the change in the main html/scss/ts code.

Maybe there is another solution to make the same work without doing this (he doesn’t want to install node/npm and neither work the console)

So the question, i can generate this files separately? How? And if you know another solution i will like to hear it too.

Are you already working with this designer person on this Ionic 2 project? Ionic projects normally use lots of components specific to Ionic when building the templates. So if your designer builds vanilla HTML/JS templates, you will probably have to reimplement them or do a lot of additional work to get the benifits of Ionic.

Yes i’m working with him (he is the designer of my work and he is good, but he is not tech guy)

i know that ionic components are useful because they adapt to the native device, but they want to do something “special”.

The real problem is that they want to make some the range vertical component, with extra style, i know that the vertical range is in the dev scope ( and because i’m really busy and he find out this (How to change ionic range slider to vertical orientation) he want to try do it himself.

And he ask me if i can give him something like i ask in the question

This sounds like an extremely brittle and error-prone workflow. If I were in your shoes, I would focus my efforts on assisting the designer with getting comfortable with the bare minimum of git and Ionic’s build process.