How to separate build.js file after compile?

I got App on Ionic 2. I’m new with webpack and want to solve the problem. Problem is - How to create 2 separated files after compile? First it must be build.js with all js files, but exclude js files in my src folder. Second must be app.js with all js files in my src folder, but exclude js files of Angular, Ionic and etc.

How to do this?

Now it’s create only one file build.js in www folder which is include Angular 2, Ionic 2, my files and all other libraries.

This is something that we’d handle in the app-scripts build, as it could be complicated for people to be able to work it out.

With all the files getting processed and transpiled down from TS to ES5, you’d want to make sure its done correctly.
So I’d hold off on trying to do it your self, and let us handle this one

Can you tell me some file names to look up for this problem?