How to disable 20% right area(Child area) when Sidebar is invoked


I am working on iOS7.0, I would like to disable the 20% area(child content area) when side bar is invoked. I should able to navigate back only using the left nav button.

I have attached a screen shot and marked the content that should not be clickable when sidebar is invoked.

Hmm, I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean by the 20%. Are you asking to push the ion-side-menu-content completely off the page?


Sorry for not making you understand my question.
Let me frame in this way,

When SidePan is invoked by clicking on the left nav button of view(call as mainView), the mainView should be un-clickable unless I close my sidepan back. I dont want any action to be taken on mainView when SidePan is invoked.

I hope this will clear my question.


Ah, alright, if your using the latest version, 5b, this should be in there.