Can the content be "active" when a menu drawer is opened?

I am trying to create an application with a side menu.

The code is basically copied over from the <ion-menu> docs.

The current behavior is that the main content is “disabled” when the menu is opened. That is it is not possible to interact with the main content. It is covered with a backdrop that closes the menu on tap/click.

The behavior I’d like to have is the one from the <ion-split-pane> on larger screen: Users can interact with both the menu and the main content.

However I would like that behavior on any screen size (i.e. mobile and desktop).

I do use the latest ionic from the CDN:

  <script type="module" src=""></script>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

Any help/hint would be appreciated.

(It hadn’t taken a look at ionic in a long time and I love the components and the native solution, congrats on a great project!)

Answering my own question now that I know the framework a little more:

It is not possible to interact with the main content while a side menu is open.
The only way to achieve this would be to use a <ion-split-pane>.