How to debug effectively?


I wonder what are the best practices to debug and having efficient logs from app installed from the store.

Actually, I encounter some issues with Xiaomi devices (ex: Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro). So the application works fine on majority of devices (included Xiaomi) but some of them don’t open the app and show an alert informing that the app stops working.

Should I buy the devices with which I have the issue to debug using USB or is there any other way to debug a specific model (ex: simulate, remote debug, external testing, logs, etc)?

Thanks for your help and your advices :slight_smile:

This is the problem with Android, there are many devices that have all types of issues which make difficult to debug your app. I suggest to use use more known companies like Samsung or google devices.

There is not specific way to debug each different device but there is a general idea of where to start: Debugging Guide for Apps in iOS Safari and Android Chrome

Hello @Hills90210,

Thanks for your reply!
Yes, this is definitively the problem with Android.

I’m also looking over some tools like Browserstack or Lambdatest. I did not use one of them before but I suppose this can help to debug a specific device and check the compatibility even if it never replace a test on a read device.

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You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face: ! Samsung provides this cool tool like browserstack that you can create samsung device emulators.

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