How to debug GUI problem on Android?


So I’ve got a problem on specific Android phone (like Samsung but not Nexus). I could reproduce it on the phone but not in the browser and I know it comes from the css (if I delete the all css content then the app GUI isn’t frozen).

Anyone knows a good way to debug the problem rather “delete a couple of lines of css + build + wait 5 min + deploy + test + delete some more lines of css + build + wait 5 min + deploy etc.”?


Hi you can just connect your device to the computer and debug it with Dev Tools like in the browser.
Here is a link explaining it all:


thx a lot @neomib yep that’s a way more handy way to find that f***** specific bug…so let’s go digging :wink:


Glad it helped. BTW you can do the same with ios app using Safari and Mac. Just remember to build your application in a dev mode not release.