So i have built my first ios app with phonegap build, how can i debug it on Windows?

I just intalled the ipa on my phone but there are some errors because i only see a white screen. How could i debug on windows? I connected my device but i dont see it in the chrome devices.

Usually you can’t, you need a macOS device with Safari on it do debug iOS apps.

My usual instructions to do that are here:

This might be a workaround though: Never tried it myself though.

wonderful, just spent 100 usd again on this crap company who cant even let me to debug my app on Windows Pc. Ofc the second method is outdated and only works for webpages.

I really hate Apple.

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Cordova/Ionic apps are always debugged like webpages, see the other link I posted.

Just buy an used Mac Mini and SSD (trust me on the ssd). It works great. I would recommend at least the i7 and just install the 16 gb ram because you will need it for the emulators. Aside from Visual Studio emulators haven’t seen good Android emulators that can run on 8 gb without lagging.