Ionic PWA and mobile app

I’ve used ionic in the past to create mobile apps and i’m just starting to try it with a PWA.

I have a very large .Net website which needs rewriting and i’m curious if ionic would be a suitable platform / framework.
All the API’s would still be in the .net site - but the front end site… I’ve never made massive projects in ionic and i’d like some real world feedback.

Also my website / mobile app share quite a lot of processes ( although the app has a lot of offline processes with SQLite )
Is it possible to build them both in a single project and then BUILD separate sections for the PWA / Mobile App… or would it be best to have 2 separate projects.

I need to have a ‘proper’ mobile app as some of the features i require don’t work from a PWA as they are capacitor / cordova plugins (e.g. keeping the screen ON )