How to create a chat application using Ionic

Hello everyone

I would like to create a chat application (like the one tinder uses or snapchat) using the Ionic framework. How can I accomplish this? Any suggestions? Any tutorials? Anything could help…

Thanks in advance

I built this one: using Socket.IO


Thats great… thanks for sharing :)\

You’re welcome. Let me know if you have any questions :wink:

Hi @matias

Thanks for answering my question. I will try your solution and I will let you know for any questions :smile:

Hi Matias, i hope all doing good!
Can you get in touch via skype:nick2474, need some help on small chat project.

didierhm, do you have Gmail? Because in this computer I don´t have Skype and I use hangouts.

Are you The Matias who wrote ngAnimate?

Nope. My Gmail is matiastucci

Oh ok! Not yearofmoo then.

Yes, didierhm@, get in touch as soon as possible

@matias are you on Skype now or Hangout? I need your help with implementing this chat for an app am working on. Thanks.

I can´t talk, because I’m at work. But, we could chat, hangout: matiastucci AT gmail

Thanks, I just sent you a message. Reply when you available.

You guys should checkout Firebase, its Google service now and its main purpose is to allow real time communication via backend as service. Its free for up to 30requests per second.

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how to use emoji keyboard in ionic chat app via emoji button…???


Check my Ionic chat template! :wink:

Thanks a lot I will have a look at it

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Boa noite Matias, mandei um convite la no Hangouts. Se puder aceitar lá sei que tópico é antigo mas se puder me dar uma força la agradeço. Abç