Chat demo application ionic?

hi guys i need to implement a little chat features in my app can someone help me.

you can use firebase or socket io I guess just search for ionic chat tutorials the internet is full of them.

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thkns for ur answer firebase feature are limited right ? i think i will use socket io

I’m not sure what “Firebase feature is limited” means, but I can assure you that if you use it for a messaging app, it won’t let you down. I can’t speak for cause I’ve never used it.

Here’s an Ionic Messaging App that I forked and used, and it works.

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limited features like space archiving those real time messages

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for socket io you will need a node js server with and a database of your choice (you have to programm your backend yourself, that means some work, but also no limits)

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already brother i have a server side developed using codeigniter framework can that works with

hi brother can communicate with php sockets ?