[DEMO] Ionic chat app

Using this Codepen I create a small chat app with Ionic + Socket.IO: https://github.com/matiastucci/socket-chat-client

Hope you like it!


Great work! I was searching for something like this, thanks a lot!

I’m glad it helped :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks for the awesome chat app. Is there any way to get this to interface with Amazon Web Services (SNS)?

Specifically, I was trying to get socket.io to interface with SNS. Is there any way this is possible? Thanks!

How do I test your example code sir ? :smile:

Here: http://keepe.rs/projects/socket-chat/, or just clone it and run it locally

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Shoul I just copy and paste the content on github to my www folder of my application ?
Does this work if I compile it to and Android device sir ? :smile:

Yeap, but you should change the server: https://github.com/matiastucci/socket-chat-client/blob/master/js/services.js#L4

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Thank you sir… I try this to work :smile:

Thank for provide the code of chat app with socket.
But Sir ,This project is working without change server name.

Yes, but using socket.io example server. If you want to implement your own, you should change that line

Thank you for this beatiful exampla app. :smile:

Change the server to become?

do you know how to make read sms using ionic??

do you have a tutorial or demo readsms?

how can set new server ip and port id use?

Check this

This is complete whats app chat code at just 20 USD with socket.io and node.js for sale :slight_smile:
Worth buying it !

code for this is getting sold at 20 USD at

Can anyone give me sample server name? http://ww.example.com/ like this. I can’t test it on my real server

you can use the same as me: http://socket.io