How many German-speaking developers are around here?

Hello Developers,

how many german developers do we have here in this forum?! I’m planning to create the biggest german-speaking forum for ionic, the complete Documentation should be translated into german. I think we can build also a big community in Austria, Germany and Switzerland!
If somebody is interested into helping me to develop this please write a message to me :smile:

If anybody of the ionic team is reading this topic - please tell me your opinion of building a german network! :blush:

Hello David,

I’m a german ionic developer and would love to be part of a german ionic community. It would be really interesting how many german developers are actually developing with ionic :smile:

Hallo Bernd,

ja wäre wirklich interessant! Wär sicher eine coole Sache wenn wir eine deutschsprachige Community aufbauen können. :wink: