To all developers who understand Chinese(懂中文的大神看这里~)

I’m sorry to trouble you, I want to find someone who understand Chinese, so if you don’t know, please ignore this post.
I’m a developer from China and I’m learning Ionic now, because some reason you know, It’s not so easy to visit some website like google and ‘’, and it was hard to learn ionic without this. so I build a Chinese Community(, to serve the developer in China and give them a platform for discussion.
My limited knowledge can not answer all the questions and solve all problem, so if you understand Chinese, please come to help me, we need you!

(Chinese Introduction below)

大神,我建了个Ionic中文社区(,想要帮助在国内学习 Ionic 的开发者,但是鄙人才疏学浅,所以很需要 像您这样的nb 大神前来坐镇,如果您有时间,真诚的希望您能来这里和国内的开发者一起学习讨论指教,叩首拜谢!

by Hongfei