How do I improve deployment times for Ionic Android and Web applications hosted on Gitlab?

I use Ionic with my React website so that I get the website with same codebase on React and Android. I’ve managed to use CI/CD to automatically deploy my React website, however, I’m not sure how do I implement CI/CD for my Ionic Android application.

I’ve been using CI/CD for my Java Android apps, and I know from experience that deploying Android apps take a good 15 minutes , because you have to install all JDK and Android packages and libraries.

My React website takes much lesser time because npm is already preinstalled : my website pipelines finish in 3-5 mins at max. I cant afford to increase my website pipeline times for my Ionic Android app. Also, it isn’t very convenient to code the website when the Android app is in the same project directory.

Therefore, I wish to move my Android app out of my web app code : thus making it possible to have different pipelines for them and my website code is much more easier to manage . However, if I do that, I wouldn’t be able to apply changes done to my website app in my Ionic Android app (because they are not in same directories)

Does Ionic, Capacitor, or even Gitlab provide any solution to my problem?