Cordova and Ionic running in a Gitpod container

Anyone like new Tech!

I have Cordova and Ionic running in a Gitpod container (A Docker Hub style container in an online IDE).

I can generate an Android debug App with both Cordova and Ionic, but Cordova is the only one that I can load onto my Android Cell Phone. Wondering if anyone wants to have a look at it.

The Gitpod takes about 2 minutes to load and has Java, Android sdk version 28, Cordova and Ionic with Qrcode pre-installed. I have a few bash commands that set things up for you.

./ sets up a cordova android project, builds and puts the .apk on a website

./ If you change the www index.html this bash file re-builds it and puts the result on the website

./ allows you to install other android sdk platforms

./ sets up and builds an ionic android platform, generates the .apk file but it does not load on my Android cell phone.

Note: Ionic serve --lab try’s to work but has an issue.

Click the following link to get it running.

it builds directly from this Github repo

by inserting into the URL then reading the .gitpod.yml file that directs to a Dockerfile.

If I can get Ionic working to load on my android cell phone I have my real question to ask.

Jeremy Twitter @rocksertta

Solved my problem:

Every example has the same name myApp and one time it did install with out me noticing. Then every other app would not install since there was already one with that name.