How to implement CICD in ionic projects

I am new to ionic and I want to implement CICD for my ionic app.
But I don’t know how?!

I searched and faced the appflow and I started learning that.
But I realized for using the appflow’s features and facilities, I have to pay a amount but I can’t.
Thank you in advance for guiding me on how to do this

Please help me! :pensive:

I don’t have any solution.


Are you wanting to automate iOS and Android builds on virtual machines or in a containerized environment with something like Jenkins or GitLab?

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Thanks for replying.
I want to run the CICD pipeline in GitLab just like other web projects.
that’s it.

That’s good. Have you configured a Gitlab runner for your pipelines that can execute the necessary npm/node and ionic commands?

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Unfortunately, no. :((
I searched for how to do implement and I faced THIS link but the part referred to Gitlab Runner, takes me to the 404 not found page!
And I don’t know how to config the Gitlab Runner specified for npm/node.

Although I have one active Gitlab runner in my account for other projects. but I don’t know can I use that for ionic or not…


what can I do my friend?

There is no solution?!