Ionic Deploy: unoptimised code, slow boot times?



I just tried Ionic Deploy for the first time, and it’s amazing.

However, one thing I noticed was that, prior to receiving an updated from Ionic Cloud, the app booted much faster.

After the app downloads a new version via Deploy, it boots much slower.

The difference in speed is the same as between running after ionic cordova build android, and ionic cordova build android --prod

Could this be because Deploy doesn’t optimise the code in the same way? Or am I just deploying a non-prod version because I’m missing a tag on the command?



How to build the app before uploading it to Ionic? ionic upload takes whatever is in /www.


That makes sense, but I’m building it with --prod before uploading, so the /www would be the same.

My test process was:

  1. Build a version for Android
  2. Test Android version
  3. Upload to Ionic
  4. Test Android version after update has been download

Every time I do this, after the app has done that update, the load times increase.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar? I can’t work out if I’m doing something else wrong here.


Are you doing the whole thing of checking local snapshots and removing the ones that are not the current one? I found that the sheer disk space it adds can blow up the boot time. This may not be the sole cause of your issue, but it definitely should be looked at whenever Deploy is used


Thanks MaximeIJ, we are doing that.

We’re only at around 5mb, and the testing has been with just one deploy, so even if we weren’t, I wouldn’t imagine it’s too big a load.


Can you upload an app where this can be tested and reproduced? (The simpler, the better - best with an empty app)


I’ll put something together and upload.