Ionic 2.x to Ionic 4

So, I am currently at Ionic 2.x and I am wondering if I should do the effort to move to Ionic 3.x latest version or wait for Ionic 4 to come out.

The two main questions here are:
1- Will I be able to actually jump directly from 2.x to 4 when it comes out? Or do I have to go through the stages of upgrading to 3 then to 4
2- When will Ionic 4 come out and what are the new things that will be included or at least where can I read about it?

Ionic is using semantic versioning, so there isn’t much difference between 2 and 3. There’s a lot of bug fixes, and 3 uses a better version of Angular, but there isn’t much that would break your code. The big change in 4 is supposed to be that you no longer need to use Angular, and instead can plug into Ionic with several different frameworks. So in theory, you don’t need to know Ionic 2 or 3 at all. But you do need to know some framework as well as you’d need to know Angular to program well in Ionic 2/3.

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Maybe I didn’t explain myself correctly, I have an App tat is at 2.x - If I want to upgrade my App to 3, I have to go through the steps here in this link to do the upgrade and somehow I have to actually go from version to version and changelog to changelog in order not to miss anything. So I am wondering if I can skip that and jump straight to 4

I’m excited about this change although I believe Angular 5 can solve any problem…
So, what other frameworks are we getting on Ionic 4? Vue.js, React.js and what else?
I don’t think I will make use of other frameworks beyond Angular 5 which still takes more than a year to fully learn and master along with Firebase. If React + Ionic combination makes Ionic app faster, then maybe I will spare time for learning React.