How to hide the white screen after splash screen ionic 4 and capacitor

I’m using ionic 4 and Capacitor in my project, my problem is I get a white screen after the splash screen, I tried to edit capacitor.config.json but I still got the same problem :

"plugins": {
  "SplashScreen": {
  "launchAutoHide": false,
  "showSpinner": true,
  "androidSplashResourceName": "splash",
  "androidScaleType": "CENTER_CROP",
  "androidSpinnerStyle": "small",
  "iosSpinnerStyle": "small",
  "spinnerColor": "#ffffff",
  "backgroundColor": "#34ace0"

is there anyone show me how to solve this problem please?

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White screen issues indicate a bug in your app code. See docs here on remote debugging.

Good video to review here on white screen issues.

Thanks for your answer but Non, my App works fine, I got my splash screen then I got the white page 4 seconds later(the white screen lasts 4 seconds or less or more then my app appears) I got my app work, I think it is a problem of webView non ?

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Me too getting same issue. Please assist something if anyone found solution.

in app.component.ts inside platform.ready
setTimeout(() => {
}, 500)

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Try this it worked for me (any way small blink I can still see)

“SplashScreen”: {
“launchShowDuration”: 3000