Hindi Music - My first app using Ionic framework


Hi guys,

I just wanted to share for my first app build using ionic framework.It is available for android only at the moment. I am in process of testing for iOS now so hopefully it will be available on iOS soon.

Its a bollywood music app which may not interest many people. But I would love hear from you guys about any improvement or issues you experienced or any suggestions. Also, if you can recommend, what is the best way to promote my app.

Please try this app and give me +1 on Google+, like on Youtube and Facebook.

Bundle of thanks to ionic team for this awesome framework, providing support and answering my questions.

Google Play





thats really really nice, kodus
there is some lag in the screens though, or is it because of the low frame rate of the recorder ?


Look like great! I’m try to download on google play but not found your app


Nice!! Did you ever get this working on IOS?


Same for me, Is your app on another market?!!


Looks great! I’m curious are you using lazy loading (virtual scroll) on those list images? I’m having a problem with images not being loaded properly on the Android version of my app and yours seem to be loading flawlessly.