Help Me: PUSH Notifications with Amazon Pinpoint

I need help in the PUSH Notifications, when I use the Firebase payload, everything works perfectly, but at the time of integrating with Amazon using pinpoint, I can’t get the notification to work because the payload changes.

My question is there a way that the payload can be intersected and be able to modify it or is there a plugin that allows to solve that

The pinpoint payload is as follows

   "to": "token-do-push",
   "content_available": true,
   "priority": "high",
   "data": {
       "pinpoint.notification.silentPush": "0",
       "pinpoint.campaign.campaign_id": "_DIRECT",
       "pinpoint.notification.title": "Titulo",
       "pinpoint.notification.body": "Corpo da mensagem",
       "pinpoint.openApp": "true"