Capacitor Push Notification Plugin issues - go back to Cordova?

We’re struggling with push notifications at the moment with our Ionic 5 Capacitor app. We need to have the pushNotificationReceived event fire when a push notification is received and the app is in background (this is so that we can maintain our app badge count - the count cannot be passed down in the push payload so the app needs to calculate it and update the app badge count when the push is received).

The event fires ok on Android but on not on iOS (the notification is received ok and the pushNotificationActionPerformed event fires but that’s not enough for us, we need to have something also happen on pushNotificationReceived)

It seems there are many people out there with the same issue

Does anyone have a solution to this or do we need to abandon the Capacitor Push Plugin and use the Cordova Plugin (which I’m pretty sure works)

Solution: Use my Plugin :smiley:

I created that Plugin out of the Same Reason. I needed Data (Silent) Push Notifications to work on iOS.


@EinfachHans thanks for that. Unfortunately our app uses Capacitor 2.0. We could upgrade to 3.0 perhaps if your solution is the only option available. Have you had any reports of any issues - is it working fully for iOS and Android?

Yes it’s for V3. It’s a new Plugin so not many are using it yet. I do and have no problems with it. I would recommend you to create a new V3 Temp Project and test it out :blush: