Push Notifications with Ionic 3 and Amazon Pinpoint

I am trying to setup up push notifications in my Ionic 3 app.

I am using the AWS pinpoint service to build campaigns and push messages to devices. Specifically iOS devices.

I have the backend setup and I can track devices using Pinpoint analytics console.

I have added the push plugin to my Iconic app, and I am able to request permission to receive push notifications. I have signed my app with a cert and also setup AWS with a cert, so as far as I know all the pieces are in place on the backend.

I can debug the Ionic app and grab the device token, e.g.

pushObject.on(‘registration’).subscribe((registration: any) => {
console.debug(“Device Token:”, registration.registrationId);

I can use this token in the AWS Pinpoint console, Direct messaging to send and successfully receive a APNS message on the test device.

My question is, how do I register the token with AWS for use in campaigns?

Furthermore my Pinpoint console shows no targetable endpoints , which is what I believe I need to setup from my Ionic app, but I can’t find any examples anywhere.

All help greatly received…