Header gets out of screen when input is focused in footer

when an input is focused in footer, header gets out of screen. Please see attached screenshots. How can i solve this.

Ionic Version: v1.0.0-beta.8 "fermium-flamingo"
Device: iphone 5, ios 7
Cordova: 3.5

Ionic keyboard plugin is installed.

Thanks in advance!

Before input focus:

After input focus:

Take a look at this.


Add this to your ionFooterBar, disable scrolling in the keyboard, and everything works out fine.

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Thanks a lot @mhartington. You saved my day.

Two more things:

  1. Is there an option to always display the keyboard?
  2. How can i add a div in keyboard area like:
  1. Not that I know of, but you can always trigger the keyboard in your controllers (maybe the best solution)

  2. By divs do you mean the custom emojis? That would require you to dive head first into some obj-cā€¦

How can i trigger keyboard from controller ?

Thanks in advance @mhartington

According to the docs, not really.

Though you can disable a setting in your config.xml then trigger focus programmatically, which will cause the keyboard to show.

Just add this to your config.xml

<preference name="KeyboardDisplayRequiresUserAction" value="false" />