Focus on ion-input hides Header in iOS

I have recently updated to the latest Ionic Framework version 3.9.2, as well implemented the WKWebView.

I have one strange behavior though in iOS (Android is fine).
When I click on an ion-input field, the keyboard pops-up but the ion-header is auto-hidden.
When the focus is moved elsewhere and the keyboard disappears, the ion-header bar becomes visible again.

I have seen this in iOS 10.x (in emulators where no keyboard is popping up, it works fine both on iOS 10 and 11)

Android is fine.

Anyone else bumped onto this? Know how to resolve this?

Thank you in advance

Hey there @killerchip, can you scroll the page once the keyboard has popped up?

Yes, but once I reach the top of the page, the header is missing. :frowning:

Okay… please check your CSS just to confirm if there’s not a margin or a padding that may be taking it over the display limits

This one is going to be tough… :sweat.

I removed any padding from the ion-headers and subcomponents on the affacted pages, but it did not change the behavior.

On the other hand I found that on another page, that I have ion-inputs this behavior is not tiggered. The header-bar remains in its place.

I will try to see what are the differences between the two.

Any ideas or thoughts highly appreciated.

And many thanks for rushing to help

Well it was simpler that I thought…

I run .disableScroll(true) right after platform.ready(), and it seems to solves the issue.