iOS Keyboard problems


Hi! I’m having problems with the keyboard in iOS.

Is there any way to hide the keyboard when the input is not focused (After focusing the input)??

And the other problem that I have is the keyboard hides the footer or pushes the whole screen up, depending on the disableScroll value. (True or false), but I just want to have the footer above the keyboard without pushing the page up… I already have this code:


        ios: {
          tabsPlacement: 'bottom',
          scrollAssist: false,
          autoFocusAssist: false,
          inputBlurring: false,

Constructor in my page


    <textarea name="msg" [(ngModel)]="msg" (keypress)="enterKeyPressed($event,msg)" placeholder="Escribir mensaje" class="divChatPadre"></textarea>
    <ion-buttons end>
      <button clear round (tap)="setMsg(msg)" class="buttonChat">
        <ion-icon color=primary name="send">

Thanks in advance!


Did you find a solution for the footer being overlapped by the Keyboard in iOS ?

I have a send button in my footer, that gets hidden only in iOS. Pretty annoying…