Google places autocomplete styles not changing

I’m working with Ionic v5 and Angular 9 for a mobile project and I’ve added a input for address. The autocomplete on the input works great and I can change styles on the browser and I get to customize the google places input just like I want, but If I go into my scss file and change the classes that google provide in their documentation (same classes I changed on the browser with no problem) those styles just never show up. Any ideas on how to solve this? I followed this and this to check to which classes to change their style, but again, If I write them on my scss file, they just wont show up.

<ion-item class="br-5 mt">
   <ion-icon name="home" slot="start" class="ion-align-self-center" color="primary"></ion-icon>
   <ion-input id="googlePlaces" placeholder="Dirección" formControlName="address" required type="text"></ion-input>

    font-family: 'Open Sans';




Is this some issue with Ionic? has anyone else encountered this problem?

Adding them into theme/variables.scss did it work. Totally forgot about it and had a headache trying to make it work for some hours haha.