Implement Google Places Autocomplete


Hallo everybody!

I really need help with something.
Now i have this code

<div class="padding">
<ion-google-place style="color:white !important;" class="padding" id="meeting-location-custom-location" placeholder="Enter any other location" ng-model="data.customLocation" ng-change="onLocationChange()"/>
<div style="background-color:transparent !important;" class="padding meet-map">
<button style="border:none !important;" class="button button-positive" ng-click="selectOtherLocation()">Blace</button>

With this one i use the directive of ion-google-place

I would like to replace it with another one, specifically this:

I have tested and and it works very well but i cannot implement it because i want to retain the modal function of ion-google-place

Thank you very much