Google Places Autocomplete not returning results for some types

Hi Guys,

I am using google places autocomplete to suggest schools for my users. The autocomplete is simply not working when I specify the type as school, or point_of_interest as another example. When I specify the type as establishment or geocode the autocomplete works fine.

I am using Ionic 4 and my autocomplete code looks like this:

    getHighSchoolAutocomplete() {
          let input = this.highSchoolText;
          this.myHSAutocomplete = new google.maps.places.Autocomplete(input.nativeElement, {types: ['school']});
          google.maps.event.addListener(this.myHSAutocomplete, 'place_changed', () => {
            // retrieve the place object for your use
            let place = this.myHSAutocomplete.getPlace();
            console.log('initPlaces place getHighSchoolAutocomplete', place.formatted_address);
            this.addressHS = this.tmpParentInfo.get('myHighSchool').setValue(place.formatted_address);

    <h5 class="ion-padding-start">High School:<br></h5>
    <input type="text" #highSchoolText formControlName="myHighSchool" class="highSchoolClass"
<script src=""></script>