Google Maps Plugin Vs Javascript Option

Hi All

I have been using google Maps using the Javascript method.

I have seen there is a capacitor plugin.

What would be the advantage of using a plugin compared to current javascript method?

I’m wondering the same. Could someone clarify this?

The plugin is also missing vital features such as the fitBounds() method.

Any update on your side about the advantage of the plugin over JS?

From what I can gather it mainly affects performance; users will get a faster experience with the native elements compared to the JS implementation.

The Capacitor plugin seems to be missing quite a lot so far though (see link), so you’ll probably have to make a choice between features and the alleged performance improvements.

Yes, at the moment, I need to use it for a simple location display.

By the way, has the JS version stopped working for you today all of a sudden?

I am getting the following errors:

Google Maps JavaScript API has been loaded directly without a callback. This is not supported and can lead to race conditions and suboptimal performance. For supported loading patterns, please see Overview  |  Maps JavaScript API  |  Google Developers

I had to comment out all my google maps references and resubmit to the app store.