Maps in Ionic5 - Capicitor


I am building an app and since it is a green field application, I decided to go with Capacitor for obvious reasons. I need to have a map on the app, I have looked around but can hardly find anything that works well for me. My use case requires me to use something close to native. I would like my GPS/map to work offline for a few minutes if a phone loses connection. I have tried @agm/core and several other plugins but none of them seems to do the trick for me. Any suggestions?


Hey there,

some People use the Javascript GoogleMaps Api in their App, but i would never recommend that. This just hasn’t the native feeling and feels not good. also it hasn’t the ability to be used offline.

There is a gread Plugin for GoogleMaps which uses the native SDK’s: See here.

Sadly this is not iOS Capacitor ready (Android is), but it has the plan, but the feature need to be founded:

Please forgive my indugence, this is supposed to be a cordova plugin, would that work with capacitor?

Read what i said. This Plugin works for Android with Capacitor, for iOS not yet.