Google Maps using Capacitor

Hello all,

Is it possible to use Google Maps in ionic 4 with Capacitor?
Can you please share any doc?


The most used Cordova Plugin is this one. It already works on Android with Capacitor, but not iOS yet. But Ionic offically supported the plan to do so and paid the Plugin Author. You can read updates here:

But this seems cordova but my application is using capacitor, i don’t have config.xml :expressionless:
Is there any way or example to use this Cordova plugin with my capacitor app?

This one worked for me.

You can use Cordova Plugins in Capacitor, read what i saud above

i would definitely not use js google map in a mobile app

I’m also trying to use Google Maps inside a Capacitor project. It looks like it’s not possible? Certainly all the example code is for v4. I’m also a bit concerned about the comments that imply the plugin doesn’t work in iOS, which rather defeats the purpose of using a x-platform framework?

Has anyone else had any success using these native plugins on a modern Ionic project?