Support for polygons and polylines in google-maps plugin?

I finally got the google maps plugin to work on mobile which is a great! But it looks like only markers are supported as of this time. Would there be support for polygons and polylines in the near future?


It is on the list of things we would like to add to the plugin in the future, but at the moment it is not possible

Ok thanks Thomas. Is there a timeline on when this would be implemented?

No date set yet. The team is mainly focused on getting Capacitor 4 out the door

+1 !!!

Can’t use this plugin until it’s there :frowning:

Is this still on the backlog? I could really use this.

That’s true. The plugin was very good, the clusters were fantastic, but the polylines are indispensable in many projects. Please don’t remove my post like you did others because you find it offensive. It’s just feedback.


+1 to this. Foolishly just spent several hours updating my App’s Google Map integration to discover there’s no polyline support :scream:

To anyone that comes across this post, use the official Angular Google Maps component instead. It has ALL the features you need. No need for capacitor maps plugin.

components/ at f0363d3fd8e6e22f953729f5f28c4d872db82ec9 · angular/components · GitHub