Going from one nested view to other, no back button available on second view

I have a scenario where i used to go from one nested view to other nested view. But the second view doesn’t show a back button.

Any help would be appreciated!


First things first, sorry if this sounds simple, but on your second ion-view do you happen to have the “hide-back-button” property set? I’ve done this before accidently when copying. :smile:

The other question is how are you going from one view to another?


First: “hide-back-button” property is not set.
Second: Here is the scenario,
I have two tabs. Which have two different ion-views. Friends and Chats, both has list.
When i press a list item in friends it goes to a view in Chats view. Here it doesn’t show a back button. While it is showing when i go from chats list.

You’re running into a downside of having nested child states in a tabs application.

Only real way to get around it is to NOT use child states and only have one ion-nav-view instead of one for each tab. Something like the following…

<ion-nav-view name="tabs"></ion-nav-view>

<div class="tabs tabs-icon-top">
  <a class="tab-item" href="#/tabs/friends">
    <i class="icon ion-navicon"></i>
  <a class="tab-item" href="#/tabs/chats">
    <i class="icon ion-checkmark"></i>

This might be related to my question, here: Beta14: Navigating to a page with ion-tabs doesn't have an transition animation

So to repeat what I just posted on @coen_warmer question…

So this comes from making the navigation structured and behave like their native counter parts.


That means that you apps should use a much more unified and thought-out navigation structure, again, as you would have to in native apps.
Why do this (and no it’s not be cause we’re mean :smile: ) ?
This was done to create a better navigation system.
By make tabs and side-menus much more structured and follow certain patterns, you can get better user experience, and an apps who’s navigation is much easier to understand

One more question. Is it possible to everytime load first view in tabs navigation whenever a tab is pressed?