When changing state from nested view there is no back button

I have a problem where the back button doesn’t display when a state change is invoked from a nested view.

See plunker: http://plnkr.co/edit/Jkjxvv?p=preview

I’m trying to replicate a segment control common in native apps using a tab-bar. Tapping a link in the subview (in the content of the ‘segment’ or 'tab) changes the state as expected. However, the state change isn’t added to the ionic history, and there is no back button in the ion-nav-bar.

In the plunker demo, try tapping/clicking a field item in the list view. It navigates to the new view, as expected, but there is no back button. If you were to log $ionicHistory.viewHistory() it would display null. The expected behaviour is that the back button would display and tapping it would take the user back to the previous view.

i think you misunderstood the routing of tabs.

Tabs are a main-routing approach beside of the sidemenu in ionic apps.
Each tab has an own routing-stack. So if you want to show the backbutton on the nested feed-item view --> you should connect this view with the ion-nav-view “tab-feed”.

if you jump out of your the tab-context --> you are in another navigation-stack.

Thanks, though I thought i was staying on the tab-feed’s routing-stack by defining the feed-item view state a child of the tab.feed state (ie tab.feed.item). Because states tab.feed.main and tab.feed.item are both child states of tab.feed, I thought they shared the navigation-stack of their common ancestor ion-nav-view, “tab-feed”.

Or does moving between sibling states “jump” into another navigation-stack, even when the siblings themselves are children of the same ion-nav-view?