Go back to older version of Ionic

I have a project that was built on version 2.0.0-beta.11. The amount of work involved into migrating it to the latest version is too high, so we decided to stick with this version.

For a different project, I upgraded to the latest version (ionic-angular 3.9.2) and now, of course, I can’t run my other project built with the older version.

Is there a way to install the older version locally and be able to use the old CLI in the project folder?

Or should I find a different machine and set things up from scratch using the old version of things and all the dependencies?

You could use VMs instead of another physical machine.

At this point you should wait for Ionic 4 to hit beta, and do the work to upgrade to 4. It’s better than 2 in almost every possible way.

I think ionic 1 running on AngularJS 1.x is still valuable because there are a considerable amount of job position for AngularJS 1.x developers. I don’t think it will go away within the next four years or it could be that Google will choose to continue develop AngularJS separately from Angular 5 with typescript. There are still more companies using AngularJS 1.x and they don’t want to upgrade to Angular 5… if they ever upgrade they want to switch to React.js. Angular 5 is good when you’re providing services to your own clients or you’re developing your own products. I think it will take some time to see Angular 5 saturating job market.

You can use npx or npm script to access per-project-installed ionic cli, so each project can use specific version of cli