Getting a build error because of a cordova version

The ionic pro build is returning this error:
“Using requireCordovaModule to load non-cordova module glob is not supported. Instead, add this module to your dependencies and use regular “require” to load it.”

Yesterday, when the build was OK, the cordova version was 8. Today, the cordova version upgrade to 9 and I started getting this error.

Someone have any ideia how to solve this? Or set an specific cordova version for the build?


i have the same error, now i cant build package with cordova version 9. i have loaded a ticket to ionic pro support. i trying to set the cordova cli version in ionic.config.xml, package.json, config.xml but nothing working.


“WORKAROUND FOR iOS” - you can select Target Platform - ios xcode 9 before start to build package. it will use cordova cli 8. and ou will get your package.

Thanks, I’ll set xcode 9 for iOS andd I’ll continue try some things for Android.
If you find a way to fix this, let me know

Same issue here. No workaround for Android yet?

check this link



No and thus far, it doesn’t look like anyone is interested in actually fixing it.

Thank you! Finally this solves it for now!