Error in IONIC PRO when change Cordova Version 8 to 9

Hi Guys,

I have a problem, the last week I generate a new app in my count of Ionic PRO, then I do send my push to project whit ionic 4 and cordova 9.0 but this version affected to my all apps with ionic 3 and cordova 8 , and now I dont compiles my others apps.

Please somebody help me.

Same issue here is there a way to specify in IONIC PRO which Cordova CLI version to use ?

EDIT: Looks like the docs have been updated and you can install a custom Cordova version:

Hi ,

I using the versions Cordova Cli 7 in my PC, but in my other PC I to generate a new project whit version 9 after that I upload this project to ionic pro build then all my projects changed of version from 8 to 9 from my count of ionic pro.